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Flash, with the Mac in the lead

Flash, with the Mac in mind – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Macromedia had the Mac head while studying and preparing Flash MX. The decision to focus on the needs of users of our platform in the multimedia format for the Internet is accepted in an interview published by News Factor and released by Eric Wittman, director of product management of Flash. 'The Mac' said Wittman commenting on the decision to support Appla systems with determination, offering a native version of the development tool 'first of all a very important platform for us and this importance is reflected in the time we have dedicated in the development cycle to focus on Mac OS X. 'the manager explained' our company has always tried to meet the needs of those who want to create complex and captivating jobs but without being forced to do unnecessary work. This philosophy adapts to the type of customers that Apple is targeting

In this effort Macromedia has tried to eliminate part of the older code, improving overall functioning and adapting it to modern operating systems.

‘We found that supporting the latest versions of Mac Os 9 and OS X was important for our customers. Our team worked five months just to rebuild the Mac development tool. ' This allowed to implement services such as double audio and data transfer through the player.

According to Macromedia, the development tool is now also much faster than previous versions having solved one of the worst problems of the Mac version compared to the PC version. Flash 6 will be 20 to 30% faster than version 5, particularly in the playback of very heavy movies.Flash MX will also be able to import any file supported by QuickTime and support the Sorenson Spark standard.In the future Macromedia and Apple will still collaborate, in particular on the evolution of the Internet in something that goes beyond the simple navigation of Internet pages, working for its transformation into a truly multimedia, interactive environment that will facilitate peer-to-peer communications. "Apple will support this vision," said Wittman, "with hardware and software increasingly aimed at the Internet. IDisk is one of the applications that better than others show the premises of applications that use the Internet and which are integrated into the user's computer interface"

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