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Our column "Ad Armi Pari" has often denounced various discriminations that afflict us as users of Macintosh computers. If the discrimination makes an individual (a magazine that attaches a CD) unpleasant but when they are the Italian local / national institutions or those European, as in this case, not only do we feel that our tax money has been badly spent, but we believe it is our duty to emphasize that the violation of already established rules (not to provide materials / solutions to only a part of the user, but to use common standards) should end as soon as possible.

We are talking about "Camillo and the Euro", a CD-Rom in CD-Card format that the Office for Italy of the European Parliament began to promote in mid-December 2001. It all stems from a television program on a local broadcaster where entities usually buy spaces to tell citizens about their activities (sometimes so invisible that such communication is necessary to justify their existence). In view of the Euro, this Office said it had produced "Camillo and the Euro "to help educate school children in particular and, upon request to their e-mail address, they could send copies to interested parties who provided a postal address. Your editor followed that advice on December 17 itself (which is equivalent to saying two weeks from the introduction of the new single currency and three days from the beginning of the Christmas holidays for a schoolboy) but two days later the Milan office "Milano European Parliament" sent this message: "the cd-card not yet available but it will be soon (…) we will send a copy". At dawn on February 25 (three days to the definitive and exclusive introduction of the Euro on the Lira) comes a second request has been sent and, proving that the citizen always at the first place of the thoughts of the institutions (so to speak, obviously), the data of the interested party are requested again for the shipment.

After the troubled wait, the CD is ready to enter the iBook (remember that CD-Cards cannot be inserted in the CD / DVD loading slots like those of the latest versions of iMac CRT and PowerBook G4 Titanium): surprise, it is a CD in ISO 9660 format with files for exclusive use for PC with Windows. No .HTML, no .PDF and not even a questionable .DOC, only .EXE and anything else, in short, totally illegible by the (mistreated) Mac user Apple Macintosh computer users and students (at the Italian school the introduction of the Mac is always difficult terrain, when the exact opposite has been happening for a long time in the USA), thank the Euro and those who must spread this culture.

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