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Elgato Eve Motion, the wireless motion sensor ready for HomeKit

Introduced Elgato Eve Motion, a wireless motion sensor compatible with Apple's HomeKit technology. The accessory can be installed in any place (inside or outside the house) allowing you to activate independent automatisms that can be managed with HomeKit.

The device capable of detecting the presence or absence of a person and activating or deactivating electrical outlets, air conditioning systems, lights or combinations thereof. It is not necessary to open an app or ask Siri to activate scenes relating to "good morning", to light the Christmas tree in the evening, or to turn on a fan during periods of heat: these can be activated automatically as soon as they detect someone's presence.

Eve Motion Elgato

Eve Motion sold at 49.95 euros and the ninth Elgato product compatible with HomeKit technology, devices all manageable from iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, without the need for additional "bridges". Eve Motion requires two batteries (type AA), supports a viewing angle of 120 and range up to nine meters. The manufacturer talks about the typical two-second reaction time.

Eve Motion IPX3 certified, that is to say a degree of protection that makes it able to withstand rain. The dimensions are: 80 x 80 x 32 mm. Using the Apple TV as a control "hub", it is possible to use the device remotely to understand if someone has entered the house or office.

Eve Motion