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Doom Resurrection for iPhone / Touch: video available on YouTube

Doom Resurrection for iPhone / Touch: video available on YouTube – logomacitynet1200wide 1

A few hours after Carmack's revelations, today it is possible to admire the first trailer of Doom Resurrection thanks to a YouTube movie that we link further down in this article. Since the first news related to Wolfenstein 3D for iPhone and touch Carmack has revealed the existence of a secret project in progress relating to the Apple multi-touch platform. In recent days, the father of the 3D shooters in a subjective way has finally revealed the identity of the project: it is Doom Resurrection a title developed specifically for iPhone and touch set in the universe populated by monsters and mutants that has made legendary the development house id Software.

In the new movie it is possible to admire not only interludes and videos but also numerous combat sequences that show off a very accurate and detailed 3D graphics, as well as enemies to be shot down decidedly cured and with successful movements. The video can only increase the expectations of fans of the genre, even if there are new rumors that risk casting a partial shadow on the imminent title id. We refer in particular to the comments published on the TouchArcade website. The site claims to have had the opportunity to try a preliminary version of the game for a few minutes, specifying that the movement of the avatar in the non-free 3D scenario, as has historically happened since the first 3D titles by Carmack, but guided. In practice, the player does not have the freedom to move within the game environments by choosing from time to time the direction to take but literally guided on a path pre-established by the developers. The player would therefore have the sole task of using the accelerometer to target and to touch the screen to shoot.

We note that these statements seem to contradict some early revelations of Escalation Studios, co-developers of Doom Resurrection together with id Software, which claimed that the character's movements were controlled with an accelerometer. In any case, despite the obligatory path, Doom Resurrection was a fun and engaging result in the first comments released after the test. For a more precise judgment, all that remains is to wait for the publication on the App Store which, according to Carmack's statements, should take place within a month or so.

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