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Does the iPhone battery last a little? The fault lies with Facebook

Does Facebook consume too much battery on the iPhone? Here's how to increase the autonomy and battery life on the iPhone

To optimize and reduce battery consumption on the iPhone you can try to follow these 3 tips that you find below.Maybe nothing will change, but maybe the autonomy of your iPhone will improve significantly. Tentar is not harmful, is it?

To do this you must disable Location Services. Caution:we won't turn off GPS in general, but we'll just make Facebook stop using it. It sounds like nonsense, but it could save you a lot of battery. Try.

So go inSettings -> Privacy -> Location

At this point it will be necessary to choose which applications and which system services will be able to locate your device: you must disable the check mark located next to the Facebook program, paying close attention toDO NOT disable the Find My iPhone feature, essential to find the smartphone in case of theft and loss.

Now necessary insteaddisable Facebook background app update.This is a function introduced with iOS 7 that makes it much faster to start and update some very used applications, including Facebook, but which at the same time entails the continuous connection to the network by the app. This, in a nutshell, translates into greater use of the battery and internet connection, which causes greater battery consumption and less iPhone autonomy.

To solve this problem, go toSettings -> General -> Background app updateand remove the tick from Facebook. As easy to guess,battery autonomy will be positively affected and your iPhone will have greater autonomy.

Now that you've followed these tips, it is not even necessary to continue closing the Facebook application left in the background: the app, in fact, is in the background, but in practice it does not consume any system resources since synchronization and GPS tracking are disabled.

As we said, these are very simple and immediate tips, which for could increase the autonomy of your iPhone by a few hours and allow you to arrive in the evening without having to continually chase power outlets or spare batteries to keep your iPhone alive. If you don't even solve that, well then better buy yourself a serious phone like a Galaxy Note 3 or a Galaxy S5

Seriously, let us know if this guide worked for you. I tried it on the phone of my girlfriend and, according to what she tells me, she manages to arrive in the evening with 10% more autonomy, which is not a little!