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DivX Pro Video Bundle 5.0: new Video compression codec.

The "alternative" compression system most used in the Windows environment, but for a long time also in the Mac Os9 and OsX environment, now in version 5, with numerous new improvements: – Better performance in the decoding phase: You can watch a video in full video at a resolution of 1280px directly from the HardDisk without losses, this with processors with at least 700mhz, or display it all at a higher resolution with 1Ghz processors.

– Reduced storage formats Improvements also in terms of file size, in fact the file should weigh up to 15-20% less than previous versions, but maintaining the same video quality.

Compatibility DivX5, maintains compatibility with the MPEG-4 codec in the current implementation.

MacOs support The version currently available for Mac systems is DivX alpha, a preliminary but functional version: the full version will be available shortly.

To test the potential of the codec just go to the Divx website: the alpha version available for various platforms, but not yet for OSX!