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Disney accuses Apple of promoting piracy

Disney accuses Apple: foments piracy – logomacitynet1200wide 1

In a testimony to the U.S. Senate Commerce Commission, Disney President and CEO Michael Eisner cited Apple, particularly the iTunes advertising campaign, as a symbol of incitement to fraudulent computer copying of music. Eisner believes that by advertising iTunes with such an advertisement ("Rip. Mix. Burn." of 2001) instilled in customers the idea that with this kind of applications you can duplicate music in an illegal way, "piracy the killer application of the computer world". Eisner spoke in the context of a hearing that the United States Senate organized as part of the study of a law that obliges computer system manufacturers to install anti-copy systems still to be defined. The thesis that a modern computer is a powerful tool capable of illegally distributing music and films, While someone begins to ironic about Eisner's opinions, movements arise that aim to challenge the law at its inceptionWe remember that Apple and Disney have a common denominator in Steve Jobs , CEO of Pixar, one of Disney's content providers. Just think of the successes of products such as Toy Story and Bugs Life or the upcoming (in Italy) "Monsters, Inc." (Monsters & Co. is nominated for an Oscar to be awarded later this month.

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