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Digital Signature: the AntiTrust takes care of it

Digital Signature: AntiTrust – takes care of it logomacitynet1200wide 1

The report notified to the Guarantor Authority on 5 November 2001 arises from the fact that the Law requires the filing of all company documents – financial statements, changes, etc. β€˜At the Chambers of Commerce electronically. The documents must first be "signed" electronically with the use of smart cards distributed in all Chambers of Commerce and then transmitted with special software. This should have started on December 9, 2001, then the Financial Law postponed this obligation for one year. The problem arises from the fact that INFOCAMERE – IT company of the Chambers of Commerce, therefore a public body – has made the appropriate software available free of charge on its website:

1. for electronic signature – which is called DIKE –2. for the preparation of variations etc. – which takes the name of FEDRA –

In order to use the smart card you need to purchase a smart card reader, which requires a serial port to be connected to the computer. Today the serial port can be used with PC not with MAC; In addition, the DIKE and FEDRA versions are for the Microsoft Windows environment. INFOCAMERE's promises to also create software for the digital signature environment in the MAC environment seem vague and circumstantial – it seems that they are testing the solutions – in the meantime they advertise the distribution of smart cards (135,000 units already delivered) but without mentioning the development in other operating environments. Studio Polli and the entire editorial team of Macitynet will be waiting for the implications of the matter keeping you informed on the legal and technical evolution of the matter. We know, however, that Infocamere is taking action and already before this new development it was looking for a solution capable to facilitate the porting of the digital signature on our platform thanks also to the more or less recent availability of Smart Card readers with USB interface.

For more information on the Studio Polli initiative (click on the logo "FUNERAL for free competition – December 9, 2001 -")

Other link – on the digital signature – by way of opposition to this mandatory procedure from next December, it is possible to find it as an open letter by Cesare De Carolis – lawyer and Giampiero Guarnerio – chartered accountant

The MacityNet Forum has been dealing with digital signature and related issues for a long time in this section.

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