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Digicad 7.0 simplifies any type of survey

This version of the popular relief image management program has very important and innovative new functions. One of the most important allows you to straighten parts of images delimited by a polygon. It is possible, for example, to extract a construction detail from a photo of a facade or some parts such as windows, material areas, degraded areas etc. The fact that these images are transparent allows them to be superimposed on technical drawings, such as a technical elevation with images of windows, some details, an area, a fresco etc. superimposed.

It is possible to delimit, always with a polygon, the destination of the treated image. Again through these functions, it is possible to remove unwanted parts and easily join or overlap different photographs and images.Even in the absence of precise or incomplete measurements, it is possible to perform straightening using the dynamic connection between the attachment points and the measured points and some constraints such as horizontal or vertical lines.

The images obtained can also be exported individually, maintaining their characteristics of resolution, color and transparency.

Another new feature is the support of the CXF format. This is the new format of the Italian cadastre for cadastral maps, already provided in some provinces. CXF is a vector format similar to DXF, but specific to the cadastre. DigiCad 3D 7.0 introduces new tools in photogrammetry so far not present on any program, regardless of cost.

To find out more, we recommend you visit the Interstudio page dedicated to Digicad 7 which shows interesting practical examples and innovative solutions for using the Mac in the field of surveying.