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Difference between data and metadata

The data raw, unanalyzed, unorganized, unrelated, uninterrupted material that is used to derive information after analysis. On the other hand, the information perceptible, interpreted as a message in a particular way, which provides meaning to the data.

The data do not interpret anything as an entity without meaning, while the information is significant and relevant. Data and information are different common terms that we use frequently, although there is a general interchangeability between these terms. Therefore, our main goal is to clarify the essential difference between data and information.

Comparative chart:

SenseThe data are facts and figures not refined and used as input for the computer system.The information is the output of the processed data.
featuresThe data is a single unit that contains raw material and has no meaning.The information the product and the group of data which collectively have a logical meaning.
AddictionIt doesn't depend on the information.It is based on data.
Unit of measureMeasured in bits and bytes.Measured in significant units such as time, quantity, etc.

Data definition:

The data I'm distinguishable information which are arranged in a format particular. The word given comes from a singular Latin word, Datum ; its original meaning "something given" . We have been using this word since 1600 and the data becomes the plural of the data.

The data can adopt forms multiple such as numbers, letters, character sets, images, graphics, etc. If we talk about computers, the data is represented in schemes of 0 and 1 that can be interpreted to represent a value or a done . The units of measurement of the data are Bit, Nibble, Byte, kB (kilobyte), MB (Megabyte), GB (Gigabyte), TB (Terabyte), PT (Petabyte), EB (Exabyte), ZB (Zettabyte), YT ( Yottabytes), etc.

Previously punched cards were used to store the data, which were then replaced by magnetic tapes and hard drives.

There are two variants of data, qualitative and quantitative.

  • Qualitative data they emerge when the categories present in the data are clearly separated under an observation and expressed through natural language.
  • The quantitative data are numerical quantification which includes counts and measurements and can be expressed in terms of numbers.

The data yes deteriorate over the time.

Definition of information:

The information you get after data processing. Data and facts can be analyzed or used as an effort to gain knowledge and draw conclusions. In other words, accurate, systematic, understandable, relevant and timely data are information .

Information is an older word that we use since 1300 and we have a French and English origin. It comes from the verb "inform" what does it mean inform is inform interpreted as form is development of an idea .

Information = Data + Meaning

Unlike data, information is a significant, fact and figure value that could derive something helpful .

Let's take a example "5000" data but if we add feet in it, that "5000 feet" becomes information. If we continue to add items, it will reach the highest level of hierarchy of intelligence, as shown in the diagram.

  • The fundamental information in a certain sense.
  • There are various coding techniques for interpreting and transmitting information.
  • Information encryption is used to increase security even during transmission and archiving.

Key differences between data and information

  1. The data is a single unit containing raw facts and figures. On the contrary, information is the collection of useful data, which can provide knowledge or information on particular modalities.
  2. Information derives from data and therefore data is not based on information, but information does.
  3. The data is used as input, which must be processed and organized in a particular way to generate output, i.e. information.
  4. The data could not specify anything; there is no relationship between the data blocks while the information specifies and there is a correlation.
  5. Data has no real meaning while information has a certain meaning.


Data and information, both terms we use are part of the intelligence hierarchy and differ in how the data is not significant, but the information formed by the processed data has a meaning in the context.