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Creative Flex Review, headphones for everyone and for any occasion

With the advent of the new iPhone 7, the world of traditional wired headphones, those with the classic 3.5mm jack connector, has certainly suffered a severe blow, even if the genre is not ready to leave the stage yet. space in this horizon with a traditional look, which focuses heavily on lightness, as we have been able to verify these days during our test.

How they are made

The sales package is completely transparent and already gives some insight into the aesthetic characteristics of these headphones. First of all the design, traditional, quite sporty, but at the same time elegant. Entirely black, with a slightly raised pattern on the external ear pads, they have a single touch of color in the small plastic insert on which the Creative writing heads. The colored inserts can be easily removed and replaced, thanks to the fact that the package includes several plastics: red, black, blue and green. A rather simple way to slightly change the look of the headphones, to adapt them, perhaps, to the way you dress, and the colors you wear.

creative flex

The headphones, as already mentioned, are extremely light, just 136 grams, and can be folded easily to be carried in any bag or backpack, without taking up too much space. Lacking, for the inside of the sales pack, a carrying case. Speaking of technical characteristics, Creative Flex are equipped with 32mm neodymium drivers, and as we will see later they manage to keep the promise of a dynamic sound with intense bass that touches the acoustic performance of much larger drivers; they also have a rather resistant, tangle-free cable, equipped with an in-line microphone and a remote control for calls and playback of audio files, so you can enjoy maximum freedom of movement while keeping users always connected.


The plastic headband has an average extension, however sufficient to satisfy any type of user; the internal pavilions are covered with rubber and fabric of excellent workmanship, which does not make the ear sweat and which are comfortable even for long sessions. They are not particularly large, which is why they may not particularly suit those with big ears. Overall, however, the materials with which they are produced are valuable and the contact with the skin pleasant.


How they sound

The price of these headphones, 39.99 euros, certainly affordable and would presage a medium-low quality. Not so. These are over the ear headphones, which first of all offer an appreciable sound isolation effect, at least when they are in operation, and not even when turned off. What is surprising, which is why we decided to call the review "headphones for everyone and for every occasion", the balance. Although oriented towards the low-middle notes, Creative Flex sounds really good on any occasion, and reproduces any song in a balanced way.

In Oakhurst's Rivers and Sticks, for example, we were able to easily appreciate the separation of the two channels, left and right, and the placement in the space of the instruments. They sound good, however, even when it comes to highlighting the singer's voice, such as inRocket Man, where Elton John's voice plays a more important role, and manages more than enough to come out on the instruments. Even listening to music masterpieces, such as Michael Jackson's Billy Jean, you can appreciate the bass beats behind the singer 's voice. Just the basses are always present, and they are enhanced in a pleasant way, without annoying the ear too much.


In short, these are really balanced headphones, which could satisfy all users, because they actually sound good in every field. Telephone conversations, which will not be the main reason for purchasing these headphones, are also pleasant. The voice of the interlocutor is always perceived in a clear and crystalline way, and also the integrated microphone allows you to get your voice to your destination, without particular difficulties.



Creative Flex seem to be a really good purchase and, considering the period, an excellent Christmas gift. Cheap, well-made and, above all, they reproduce any musical genre well. Of course, headphones of quite different thickness and price are not comparable, but Flex fits into this panorama with an excellent quality / price ratio.

They cost 39.99 euros on Amazon and can be purchased directly from here.


  • To read
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • A touch of interchangeable color

Consistent price


  • Earplugs a bit small