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Coronavirus, Siri gives advice and helps with diagnosis

By Giacomo Martiradonna Monday 23 March 2020

In these hours, Siri has learned to handle user requests related to Coronavirus. With advice on how to inquire and understand if you have been infected.

When users ask Siri about COVID-19, the virtual assistant of Cupertino pu provide useful little tips. The Italian version seems a little thinner than the English-speaking one, but the idea is still very valid.

Privacy Siri: Clear the command history

Privacy Siri: Clear the command history

With iOS 13.2 finally comes an option to clear the history of the commands given to Siri, and above all a feature that allows you to prevent your commands from being read by humans.

When asking about Coronavirus, the Italian-speaking Siri recommends following the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, and proposes the opening of the official page with travel ordinances, all the latest official news (such as the Japanese drug issue) and health recommendations.

The same thing in English, however, produces a series of far more interesting questions which can help to better understand the problem and lead to a more correct diagnosis. The answer, translated into our language, roughly this:

If you are concerned that you have contracted Coronavirus (COVID-19), a short series of dry-answer questions may help you (agree on the trail US Public Health Service and the CDC). Are you ready to start?

After that, some typical questions follow:

Do you have any of these symptoms? Fever, dry cough, shortness of breath? Have you been in close contact with someone positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19)? Okay, constantly monitor symptoms like fever, dry cough and shortness of breath. They could appear up to 14 days after exposure. If it happens, isolate yourself from others. Contact your medical service provider if you are over 65, or if you suffer from severe heart and respiratory conditions, or diabetes. If you can't reach a doctor, remote medical assistance apps may help.

Here is a link to the App Store, with apps that offer low cost remote medical consultations; wonders of the US healthcare system.