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Coronavirus, in the USA Apple will donate 2 million Ffp3 masks

In the USA, Apple will donate 2 million N95 masks, those also known with the abbreviation Ffp3 (filtering face piece third level), among the most sophisticated personal protective devices, capable of filtering at least 95% of the particles suspended in the air, including the possible presence of coronavirus.

The Cupertino company did not reveal it, but the vice president made it known Mikepence, responsible for coordinating the fight against coronavirus in the United States, who communicated the news during a press meeting.

In recent days, Apple has undertaken various initiatives for the coronavirus issue. Engaged in donations for the global response to COVID-19 – both to help treat the sick and to help reduce the economic and community impact of the pandemic – which they have achieved today the $ 15 million worldwide. The company also announced that it will double employee donations to support COVID-19's response efforts locally, nationally and internationally.

For Italy A "significant" donation to Civil Protection has been announced to support the fight against coronavirus. "For over 35 years, Italy has represented a home for Apple," the company said. “We care about our customers, colleagues and Italian partners; we have built solid ties, which become even stronger when we are united by the common goal of protecting the health of our communities. " And again: “With this spirit of unity, Apple will make a significant donation to Civil Protection to ensure that first-line rescuers, volunteers and health workers have the resources to protect their health, while contributing to Italy's response. at Covid-19. We are grateful to them for the altruism and courage they show every day. "

In the letter sent to employees a few days ago, Apple CEO Tim Cook wrote: There is no doubt about the challenge right now. The entire Apple family is grateful to the heroic first responders, doctors, nurses, researchers, public health experts and public officials around the world who have devoted all their energy to helping the world cope with this moment. We do not yet know for sure when the greatest risk will be behind us. Yet I was inspired by humanity and the determination I saw everywhere in our global community. As President Lincoln said at a time of great adversity: The situation is fraught with difficulties, and we must rise thanks to this situation. Since the circumstances in which we find ourselves are new, we must think in a new way and act in a new way. so that Apple has always chosen to face the big challenges. And so that we will get up to face this too.

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