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Bugdom becomes shareware: a game for everyone

Bugdom becomes shareware: a game for everyone – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The fun and exciting game of Pangea, creator of the appreciated CroMag Rally and Nanosaur, becomes a $ 20 shareware and can be freely downloaded from the manufacturer's website. Half of the profits of the month of March will go to an association that supports the research on juvenile diabetes. With the inventory of the game that is ending Pangea thought that rather than producing other copies with large packaging costs it was more appropriate to transform the game into a shareware to download from the web: it is 50 MB but with the growing diffusion of broadband even in the most "late" countries in this respect, the weight of the file should not be a problem. To download the game go to the dedicated page of Pangea.

We assure you that it is one of the nicest games ever released for the Mac, suitable even for the youngest ones who will have to face, in the role of a multi-legged insect, with the pitfalls of the lawn and the malice of big ants that keep prisoners ladybugs: different game levels with changing landscapes will make you discover an interesting microcosm among the blades of grass.

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