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Bill is still the supericco

With assets of 52.8 billion dollars (61 billion euros), Bill Gates is still firmly in first place among the very wealthy of planet Earth. To compile the ranking and name Bill delle Finestre the richest in the globe, like Forbes every year. The American magazine, among the most detailed and picky in this field, draws up a real encyclopedic compendium in the field of the rankings of the "scoundrels" which some interesting elements of reflection emerge that also concern the field of information technology. It is discovered, for example, that the crisis of 2001 did not pass unscathed for the billionaires (in dollars) of the planet whose wealth is based on hardware, software and Internet. In fact, if it is true that in the first five places we find three protagonists of the computer world (in addition to Gates, first, we find Microsoft's co-founder Allen, in the fourth and Larry Ellison in the fifth), true that among the "no longer" billionaires there are many well-known faces from the computing world: AOL's Steve Case, Sun's Scott McNealy, Yahoo Filo and Jerry Young, founders of Yahoo !. For all, the crisis of the Internet world and of computers has weighed heavily, which have significantly reduced their profits and their wealth. It should be noted that 50% of multi-billionaires have seen their fortunes decrease; only 23% have seen them grow and the average wealth of the very rich has fallen from 3.2 billion dollars to $ 3.1 billion dollars. It takes steps back, to come to the "things" of our house, even Steve Jobs. The CEO of Apple and Pixar, has a personal fortune of 1.1 billion dollars (1.27 billion Euros) which allow him to place only 413. Last year Jobs was 387.Jobs also the ninth among the highest paid CEOs World Championships in 2001 (it was only 778 in 2000) and 160 among the richest in America (it was 236 in 2000 and 199 in 1999) Among the other "off topic" curiosities of the ranking, which we leave to your exploration, we report the family performance of the Waltons; the five brothers, Jim, John, Alice, Robson, Helen, heirs of Sam Walton, and today, after the death of their father, owners of the well-known large supermarket chain WalMart occupy all positions from fifth to tenth place. present in the top 100 we find: Berlusconi (29); Del Vecchio (43) and Benetton (57). The prime minister also leads the ranking of the richest politicians in the world, ahead of Bloomberg, now Mayor of New York, while Tronchetti Provera (452) one of the Italians classified among the "no longer" billionaires. Also in this case it is an effect induced by the crisis that has affected IT and telecommunications; the Telecom shares in his possession are currently worth half of what he had paid for them.