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Biennial contracts Tim and Vodafone, little will change?

After the official prices of the iPhone 3G S (619 and 719 euros), we are now waiting for the costs of the contracts that Vodafone and Tim will offer to their customers. The hope cultivated by many (from our website included) that in the face of a higher price of the iPhone 3G there is some tariff maneuver to facilitate the purchase of the iPhone with a contract, both by increasing the thickness of the bundles and radically reducing the cost of the terminals . In reality, things do not seem to be addressed in this way, although probably something will move.

The first negative signal comes from Tim, the only one of the two operators who to date has formally said something formal about the price of the iPhone, he also mentioned some costs of his Tuttocompreso. In fact, there is talk of an offer starting from 69 euros per month 'with the Internet and free calls'. The monthly fee that is presumed to be the entry level for the iPhone 3G S is higher than most of the current offers that start from 15 euros per month and going from 35 and 60 to 90 and 180 euros per month. What seems to be able to deduce that, in any case, the iPhone 2.0 will still be revised by raising the price of the entry threshold for the subsidized purchase of iPhone 3G S. In this way Tim could be able to play a more interesting discount game facilitating those who decide to take a more expensive two-year contract to offer a more discounted iPhone. Currently spending 180 euros per month (for a bundle of 5000 minutes and 5 GB of data) you can have the 8 GB model at 0 euros and the 16 GB model at 69 euros. If this were to remain the list, Tim would pass an extra discount of 50 euros to his customers since 50 euros is the difference between the old and the new 16 GB iPhone.

Nothing or almost nothing can be said of what will happen to the iPhone 8 GB that Tim does not exist in communications. But it is possible that the mobile operator is thinking of using it as a sort of 'ram's head' to attract customers by keeping some 'zero cost' offers for the terminal, which certainly will not happen (or almost) for the 16 GB and the 32 GB.

As for Vodafone, the situation is more smoky but more or less oriented in the same direction. There is no official information on the matter, but some sources on our site report that the orientation of the British mobile operator is to maintain (or almost) the current monthly rates and the current price of the subsidized terminals. The result would be, as in the hypothesis formulated above, a slight advantage for those who purchase a two-year subscription by combining it with the 16 GB iPhone; in this case it would save something because if, for example, the Pi Facile Medium would allow us to take iPhone at 269 euros while keeping the bundles unchanged, we would have an advantage of 50 euros compared to the current version, since 50 euros, as for Tim , the difference in costs between the old iPhone 3G and the new iPhone 3G S.

Last but not least, the purchase price with a two-year fee for the 32 GB model; but, proceeding by syllogism and considering that today the 16 GB model costs no less than 69 euros (with the Pi Facile Extra Large), we can think that the cheapest price at which you can buy the 32 GB with subscription will not be less than 120/130 euros. Obviously by spending the traditional 150 euros of monthly fee.

Something more should be known later today when, in all likelihood, the prices of the bundles and two-year contracts of both Vodafone and Tim should arrive.