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Beware of Unflod.dylib, the malware for Apple devices with jailbreak that steals the Apple …


If you have an iPhone, iPod or iPad with Jailbreak, be careful: you risk being hit by Unflod.dylib, a malware for Jailbroken devices that steals Apple IDs

There is no doubt: Jailbreak extends the possibilities of iOS but at the same time it also exposes the entire operating system to risks. In fact, the possibility of adding applications and tweaks also makes it possibleinstallation of malware and viruses, since software, especially those present in pirated repositories, do not receive controls and can be published by anyone. So extremely easy for an attacker to spread viruses and malware for iPhone, iPod and iPad via Cydia.

And just in this way that spread in these hours a dangerous malware for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Apple users, be careful! There comes a new malware for those who have a jailbreak iPhone, iPod and iPad that steals your Apple ID and sends it to a remote server. The malware in question is called Unflod.dylib: let's find out what, how it works and above all how you can do to defend yourself correctly.

Unflod.dylib malware is coming: what? Who Discovered It?

The security researcherStefan Esser, known on the net asi0n1c, recently reported aserious security problemwhich may be present onJailbroken devices. As said, the malware is calledUnflod Baby Pandaand has been discovered in iOS devices Jailbroken: attacks iPhone, iPod and iPad with Jailbreak indistinctly.

The first antivirus to detect this malware was DrWeb status, as reported byVirusTotal, a free service that analyzes suspicious files.

This dangerous malware acts very simply: without being discovered it steals and sends it to someservers located in ChinatheApple IDand thepasswordof unsuspecting infected users.

According to the firstmalware analysis, here's what this malware would do specifically and how it would work:

This malware appears to have Chinese origins and looks like a library called Unflod.dylib that hooks into all running processes on iOS Jailbroken devices and listens for outgoing SSL connections. From these connections, an attempt is made to steal the Apple ID used in the device and the relative password to be sent in the clear to fraudulent servers.

Unfortunately at the momentit is not yet clear how malware can infect a Jailbroken device, but is suspected of coming from someChinese pirate repositories. If you do not add a random repo on Cydia, therefore, you can rest assured: the malware does not attack you while you surf the internet or download normal programs from the App Store, but only if you download strange files from Cydia. To defend yourself, therefore, you just need to avoid adding new unknown Cydia repo and continue to use only those that you have always used.

How to find out if you have been infected by the Unflod.dylib malware for iPhone, iPod and iPad

How to check if your Apple device infected with the Unflod.dylib malware:

1.Download it from Cydia or if you have it already installed, run it.

2.Navigate in the following path:/ Library / MobileSubstrate / DynamicLibraries /and check for the called fileUnflod.dylib

3.If the file exists in your iPhone, then the infected device and you must continue reading this article. If the file is not present in your iPhone, then it does not contain malware and you are safe.

How to remove Unflod.dylib malware, if any:

1.Using iFile, get into/ Library / MobileSubstrate / DynamicLibraries /

2.Delete the fileUnflod.dylibusing the appropriate iFile function and remember to empty the trash can also with the application!

3.After eliminating the malware, restart liPhone, liPad or liPod Touch

How to protect your Apple ID and associated credit card

1.Only if the Malware was present in your iPhone, iPod or iPad, you must immediately change the Apple ID password (take care to do it after eliminating the malware and after restarting the iPhone). You can also replace the password from the computer.

2.If you want to increase security, it may be a good idea to restore your iPhone completely. This unfortunately will result in a mandatory update to iOS 7.1 and the consequent loss of the Jailbreak.

If you have made theJailbreak on your device our advice is tocheck if you have been infected with malwarein the shortest possible time.

Let us know if your devices are infected or not. Luckily I didn't find it on my iPad.

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