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Auxo 2 available in Cydia: here is the multitasking revolution on the iPhone


(Cydia) Auxo 2 finally available: the tweak arrives that revolutionizes and upsets multitasking on the iPhone

auxo 2

Auxo 2 certainly one of the most anticipated tweaks ever for iPhone.For those who do not know what we are talking about, for the moment you just need to know that Auxo 2 completely revolutionizes and completely changes multitasking on your Apple smartphone.

Already available for iOS 6, finally, thanks to the jailbreak, Auxo 2 also arrives on iOS 7 with completely renewed graphics and many additional features. This is a really indispensable tweak, which every user with a jailbroken iPhone should download. But let's see what this Auxo 2 for iPhone offers and how it works.

As we anticipated, Auxo 2 offers a review of the app switcher, implementing very interesting features. Initially Auxo was born as Cydia's tweak to improve the iOS 5 and iOS 6 switcher app, implementing thumbnails of recently opened applications and other features. The advent of iOS 7 made the tweak obsolete, but today the new version arrives with many new features that make this Auxo 2 truly a must have.

Since the words only partially make the idea of ​​what this Auxo 2 offers, to have a global look at the advantages offered by Auxo 2 we show you the video made byiDownloadBlogwho was able to test the tweak in preview.

As easy to notice, among the most interesting features we point out theQuick switcher,which allows access to recent apps thanks to gestures, enjoying a truly convincing animation showing the last six recent apps, allowing them to be selected with the thumb through a single circular movement.

Auxo 2 Animation balance app switcher

TheMulti-center, the feature that combines App Switcher and Control Center in a single entity, offering a compromise that offers recent apps and multimedia controls in a single screen.

There are also a lot of settings and customized options which allow you to optimize the tweak, making it a real must have for jailbreak applephones. As we said, in fact, Auxo 2 only works on jailbroken iPhones and currently does not support iPad.

The main news can be summarized as follows:

  • Quick Switcher
  • Multi-Center
  • Hot Corners
  • Quick Launcher

Quick Switcher

By simply scrolling from the lower left corner, this dock will appear similar to the one on the Mac, with a zoom animation that highlights the application we are selecting. At the same time, the app previews also scroll and we can decide which one to open, so we can switch from one app to another using only touch controls and in a very fast and practical way. Normally the Quick Switcher shows the last 6 open applications, but an advanced option allows you to access all those open in the background.


Allows access to numerous functions. In addition to the previews of the open applications, we will also have the commands of the control center and other news.We have for example the regulation of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, brightness and volume, activation of AirDrop and AirPlay, music controls. We can also close all applications in one fell swoop and use multitasking gestures to adjust the playback of our songs favorite.

Hot Corners

The corners of our screen allow us to quickly access functions, for example we have already talked about activating the Quick Switcher by scrolling from the lower left corner.

Quick Launcher

This is an addition that we can insert in the Multi-Center and concerns some of the shortcuts of the control center, such as the flashlight, the alarm clock, the calculator and the camera.

Without a doubt, Auxo 2 is one of the best tweaks ever: the advantages are noticeable especially in everyday use, also very intuitive and the immediately positive approach, even for those who are less practical. $ 1.99 (1.44), while for new buyers it will be available for $ 3.99 (2.90).AuxoforiPadknow that this will only come with the version1.1of the package that will be released in the coming weeks.

I point out that Auxo 2 is incompatible with various tweaks:

  • Gridswitch:if enabled while using Auxo we will not be able to use the control center toggles
  • Bioprotect:if enabled, toggles always work without protections

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