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At Exten the tables that stretch with an app

marzo 23, 2020

The coffee table for the smart home by Exten, an all-Italian manufacturer who, combining technology and craftsmanship, offers a vast catalog of tables adjustable in height and width through a smartphone app.

They are unique pieces – explains the company – designed and manufactured by Italian craftsmen with precious woods and innovative materials that hide a technological soul. Characterized by a minimal design, they are ideal for loft furnishings such as Victorian houses.

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<p>Thanks to the aforementioned extensibility, they do not disdain hard work, adapting to work environments and showrooms. Some pieces have even been designed for the interior spaces of yachts with specific designs and highly performing materials such as carbon fiber.</p>
<p>On the official website you can access the basic range of EXTEN tables. It starts with models such as the G04, which can be used as a dinner / lunch table: the table, in fact, thanks to a remote control supplied or through the Desk Control app available for free on the App Store and Play Store, can go from 50 to 80 cm in size. height and stretch from 1.2 to 2.8 meters.</p>
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