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Apple will use the Common UNIX Printing System on Mac Os X

CUPS represents the "lingua franca" of the Unix world printer drivers but it is also widespread in the Linux environment: in fact there are distributions for: AIX, Axon Linux *, Caldera *, Conectiva *, Debian, easyLinux *, FreeBSD, HP-UX , IRIX, Linux Mandrake *, MIZI *, Peanut *, Red Hat, Solaris, SuSE, Tru64 UNIX, TurboLinux and the asterisk means that CUPS is the primary printing system in that case.

Cups provides a portable printing layer based on IPP (Internet Printing Protocol) and the protocols AppSocket / JetDirect, SMB (Server Message Block), LPD (Line Printer Daemon) are supported

We remind you that Internet Printing Protocol is a Client-server type printing protocol that allows the server side to reside either a separate print server or a printer with the inclusion of network printing capability.

Cups is a cross-platform solution that manages both Raster printers (HP and Epson models included) and Postscript. It will provide Mac OS X with advanced printing capacity and interoperability with Unix and Windws systems: the software It was developed by Easy Software Products to promote a standard printing solution and provides the CLI System V and Berkeley interfaces. In addition to the protocols mentioned at the beginning, CUPS is able to add printer browsing on the network and supports PPD options. (Postscript) also under Unix. It also includes a customized version of GNU Ghostscript (based on version 5.50) and an image file RIP which is used to support non-postscript printers: there are sample drivers for Dymo, EPSON, HP and OKIDATA.

For more information, we recommend you visit the Easy Software Products website.