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Apple will launch a new iPhone with a bigger screen: that's why


That's why Apple will present a larger screen iPhone

Apple's internal document

Now there are no more doubts: this year Apple will launch a new iPhone 6 with a larger display than the current one, in order to adapt to the competition of Android and Windows Phone.

But the new iPhone 6 with larger display not just to respond to the competition: according to some confidential documents from Apple, in fact, the company from Cupertino will launch a new iPhone with a larger display to meet the demands of its users, now tired of a smartphone with such a small display.

Let's analyze the Apple document and we try to understand the most interesting points, in which it is clear what Apple's strategy for the next few years: to create a device that meets the needs of users, who currently want something that does not exist.

Apple's internal document

Apple's internal documents show up asscreen sizeof smartphones and thepriceconstitute the crucial elements for determining consumer choice. It is clear from the graph that the growth on the market of a particular company due to smartphones withdisplays greater than 4and to the sale toprices below $ 300.

Practically, the market sector consisting of non-growing 4-screen phones,precisely because consumers now want larger screens. At the same time, customers would like to avoid spending over $ 300 on their smartphone, but in the case of Apple, this is obviously not possible.

Therefore, cconsidering the two driving factors of the market, namely screens above 4 and the sale of cheap devices under $ 300, all that remains is to deduce thatApple, by its nature, does not decide to position itself in a low cost segment, but prefers to capture customers by offering them a device renewed in form and, above all, indimension.

Basically, the new iPhone 6 will surely have a bigger screen than the current one, probably 4.5 or 5 inches, in order to meet the needs of consumers and the competition, which does nothing but launch new smartphones with increasingly large displays. In all this, however, we must also consider that a larger screen would mean requiring developers to make drastic changes to their apps, going to update their resolution to make them compatible with the new diagonal. This, however, would allow adAppleto capture that still growing part of the market as much as possible.

Now only the presentation of the new iPhone 6 is missing, but we are practically certain that the display will change once and for all and become bigger. In all of this, the Apple iPhone will still remain easy and comfortable to hold, or will these characteristics change drastically? We will find out only in a few months.

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