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Apple received a musical Oscar

Apple awarded a musical Oscar – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple yesterday received a Grammy from the National Academy of Recording Arts for its outstanding contribution to the music and discography industry. What can be considered a sort of 'career Oscar' comes from the attention that machines and the Cupertino software have brought to the muisca universe. From the beginning, we read in the reasons, the Mac was the first computer to include audio capabilities and helped to change the way music was written, recorded, mixed and listened to. In the motivations there is also a mention to the iPod, one of the most advanced and sophisticated MP3 players on the market today. Recall that with iPod Apple has also sought a way, in a time, to protect the rights of musicians by discouraging audio piracy with some innovations while also protecting the rights of those who legally own records to be able to listen to music in the way they prefer. Apple is the first computer company to receive a Grammy

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