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Apple is the most famous brand in the world according to Brand Channel

The BrandChannel website defines "Brand Of The Year" that brand with the greatest impact on the public and not necessarily the one that has the most turnover but the one that simply makes us "prick up our ears". Over 2,000 voted between November and December last year professionals from 90 different countries: 15% presidents, CEO or high-level managers, 12% marketing and communication workers, 12% account managers or similar positions, 9% analysts / consultants / strategists, 8% students or professors and and finally 7% designers. Worldwide, Apple wins with 14% of the votes, followed by Nokia with 13% and Volkswagen with 12% (then: Google, Absolut, Starbucks, Nike, BMW, Sony, Coca-Cola, Virgin, CNN, Microsoft and Al Qaeda). BrandChannel's motivation that the Cupertino company continues to show attention to innovation, especially with its latest products such as iPod, iMac (and had not yet seen the new one, ed) and Mac OS X.Apple also ranks very well c considering the North American marks: first Target brand with 22% of the votes, according to Apple with 18% and 14% a well-known brand of popular donuts, Krispy Kreme (then: Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Google, Martha Steward, CNN, JetBlue , Southwest Airlines, Nike, Gap and FedEx) .No trace of Apple in the ranking of the three remaining macro-regions.