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Apple is less green in California, settling the bill with the Environmental Protection Agency

Apple less green in California, settles the bill with the Environmental Protection Agency –

With a $ 450,000 check, Apple decided to end a dispute that saw the multinational company from Cupertino pitted against the California Environmental Protection Agency. According to the agency, Apple had used a plant for shredding electronic waste in Cupertino, without adequately informing the authorities. Before the closure (in January 2013) of the plant in question, 500 tons of waste would have been treated; the same thing would have happened in Sunnyvale, where 360 ​​tons of materials would have been treated in a plant. According to the authorities, Apple incorrectly handled the ground dust resulting from the grinding, sending it to a disposal site that was not authorized to manage the material, without marking the containers as hazardous waste.

The agreement with the agency calls for Apple to intensify inspections in the Cupertino and Sunnyvale facilities. Apple spokeswoman Alisha Johnson told Reuters that Apple "works closely with the authorities to ensure that they have all the permissions to operate on current sites in the near future." "As we do in all facilities, we follow a rigorous set of health and safety standards and regulatory levels, which go beyond legal requirements."

environmental protection in California

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