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Apple is backing down, no films for Italian iTunes

From the evening to the morning or, better, from the afternoon to the evening, the indication disappears on the Apple website from which it could be deduced that films for download on the iPhone would also be available for Italy. Several readers who pointed out the sudden change witnessed the change in the direction of travel over the hours (or maybe minutes) following our report.

If this morning the Apple site, as reported by the Macity article, on the iPhone 3.0 software update page, clearly spoke of 'music, movies, games and audiobooks', from the evening someone 'magically' made the term disappear 'movies' and now only refers to 'music, podcasts, games and audiobooks'. What happened difficult to say; the hand could have intervened to eliminate an error made by someone who is not aware of what services are in Italy or to spread a smoke screen on a service being activated but not yet public. That was and remains certain that that page had certainly not simply been translated from English, but built on the basis of the country where it was published. To prove it, as mentioned, the fact that each, or almost, nation has its own specific page that provides localized indications on the services.

Among other things, quite curiously, the reference to the films remains on the Dutch page, another of those we had verified yesterday morning, this despite the Netherlands iTunes, like the Italian one, does not have any section dedicated to the films. under a snapshot of the Apple website 'before and … after the cure'

Thanks for the report to Piergiovanni Lattanzio, Emiliano Morgia, Stefano Cavaliere and Eros Anniballi.

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