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Apple iOS 14, the Where's app will receive several new features | Rumor

The Where's app for iOS 14 could include several new and interesting new features: colleagues from 9to5Mac managed to discover some unpublished details by examining nothing less than a preliminary build of the operating system, which should be distributed around mid-September, as usual in conjunction with the arrival of the new iPhones.

The temporal detail is important because it helps to understand how immature the information that has emerged so far is: the things discovered could change, increase or decrease. In short: it is information to be taken with due precautions. In any case, here is a summary of the details:

  • New notifications for the location sharing function – You will be able to configure the receipt of notifications when a contact with whom you share your location not it is in a certain place at a certain time. To date, it is already possible to know when your children arrive at school, or your partner at work; with iOS 14 you will know when / if this does not happen. In addition, it will be possible to receive notifications when a user leaves a place earlier than the default time (for example, the end of school or the shift). Finally, you can use these notifications to notify other contacts based on their own location, and create alerts by choosing specific days of the week.
  • AR mode – AR / VR viewers will also be supported. Users will get more precise directions on the way forward to find a device or a person. It could be particularly useful to find lost objects nearby, perhaps thanks to the much talked about AirTags that have not yet been revealed.