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Anova announces the Precision Oven, the connected oven for precision cooking

marzo 23, 2020

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Anova has announced the arrival on the market of its new Precision Oven, a latest generation oven that has been developed to guarantee a controlled and precise type of cooking. At the moment the company has not specified what the precise characteristics of this new technological gadget will be. ; we know that connectivity will be one of the main features.

The Precision Oven will be able to communicate through a special app with other Anova gadgets, such as the Precision Cooker (the sous vide cooking tool that we have reviewed on these pages), for the main purpose of synchronizing cooking times and thus being able to serve dishes while simultaneously cooking for each one.

precision oven

Among the features declared by Anova, Precision Over will include the possibility of vacuum cooking, steam cooking, will include a plate for skipping the dishes, will allow convention cooking, grilling and will also be able to communicate with the Precision Cooker to make cycles. coordinated cooking methods.

In addition to these indications, Anova has not yet unbalanced itself on the characteristics of its Precision Oven; we only know that the oven will be available starting next summer 2017. Anyone interested in staying updated can register on the official page to receive official Anova communications. Below is a short video presentation.