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Anki Overdrive Review, radio-controlled toy cars within iPhone's reach

Anyone with a little white hair remembers the old radio-controlled tracks, famous in the seventies and remained less firm in those years, until the advent of this new Anki Overdrive, which removes the remote control and puts an iPhone behind the wheel, for the happiness of adults (above all) and children.

Anki Overdrive, the review

Fantasy behind the wheel

Anki Overdrive a set for a complete toy car track: inside we find two toy cars, a charger, various instruction booklets (quite futile, the App does more or less everything, also offering instructions during the games) and the real track and proper, made with flexible plastic parts, which are hooked by small blocks at the ends.

Anki Overdrive Review, radio-controlled toy cars within iPhone's reachRace preparation, the car is rubbed a little on a special tire to improve the adhesion of the tires

The construction of the track was the beginning of the game: everything was very simple, so much so that the little boy at home understood everything before who wrote this review, opting for a canonical form (as in the photos), to try more aggressive solutions.

Once assembled with a "0" shape, the track measures 180 x 120 cm (which increase if mounted in a different way), therefore it is also necessary to calculate the space well, even if assembling and disassembling everything takes no more than 5 minutes of patience .

The part in the pits is also interesting, with a small black box containing a special paste that increases the adhesion of the machines to the track, a kind of tire change to be done from time to time.

An iPhone in the pits

It must be said immediately: the mechanism of Anki Overdrive, as well as the "smart" part of the game, is all in the App for iPhone, iPad or Android, there is no way to play without it.

The little ones will need the assistance of adults to download the App and create the character, but then they will become autonomous for everything.

Anki Overdrive Review, radio-controlled toy cars within iPhone's reach

The App itself allows you to create a profile for the player and acts like an App of a classic videogame, with the character who runs, buys points and improves his car, becoming stronger and challenging friends or the computer in the races. The only difference is that the race is not virtual, but real, on the track.

Anki Overdrive Review, radio-controlled toy cars within iPhone's reachthe initial screen that invites you to put the cars on the circuit, after charging, to start the test ride, which basically serves to scan the shape

3, 2, 1 … departure!

Once the car was paired and positioned on the Anki Overdrive circuit, preparing for the race, both cars make two test laps, probably to "learn" how the circuit was made. During these two laps, the cars follow the path and make small accelerations in a completely autonomous way, also often changing position, probably to refine the scan.

It must be said that it is not necessary to "educate" the App for the shape of the circuit, the game does it all by itself and a kind of magic: at the end, both position themselves correctly on the starting line and wait for the start.

Once started, the device controls the acceleration, the brake and the position of the car, moving it to the right and left inside the track, while for the Anki Overdrive curves it is completely autonomous.

The races are of speed (without exaggerating, because as tradition dictates, too much acceleration in the corners causes the car to skid and sometimes makes it go off the track and human intervention is needed to reposition it.

Anki Overdrive Review, radio-controlled toy cars within iPhone's reachA little "petrol" before the race

But the game is not just a factor of speed: it is possible to insert variants, such as the possibility of "shooting" the other car, slowing it down. The weapon, mounted on the car in a virtual way, involves visual feedback given by the lights, and can also determine, based on the type of race, even the victory and the defeat if hit too many times.

By progressing in the game you can buy other weapons that change the range and direction of the shots, making the game always varied and extremely fun.

Anki Overdrive Review, radio-controlled toy cars within iPhone's reachThe possible combinations of the pieces of the beginner pack


The very simple idea behind Anki Overdrive is inspired by a game that, although it has undergone virtually no substantial improvement over time, has never really set and it is not difficult to find its basic edition in the homes of those who have children.

So praise Anki Overdrive for finally giving a new meaning to this game: not only the introduction of a smartphone or tablet as a guide, but much more, such as scanning the track, defining a virtual world in which the only a part of the track and the mechanism of the races, which ultimately brings the game closer to the idea of ​​a "Fast and Furious" for the youngest (there is also a dedicated edition).

Anki Overdrive Review, radio-controlled toy cars within iPhone's reach

We do not see any negative sides in all honesty: the modular operation, whereby purchasing two boxes you have many more pieces available for the tracks, which can become larger, and it is possible to play even in four (a situation that we have not tried, but that clear from the site).

All in all, it is possible to play alone, against the computer, to grow your character and make him stronger, even if the game's artificial intelligence, modular, did not seem much to us, and it is clear that Anki Overdrive gives the best with two players human.

For those who want, there are a number of options on Amazon, from replacement cars (like trucks) to new track pieces such as ramps or crossings.

Anki Overdrive Review, radio-controlled toy cars within iPhone's reach


Very fun The idea of ​​mixing virtual and real at times brilliant The cost of the basic kit is very convenient


The game designed for two players


68.00 Euro Anki Overdrive (Beginner Kit) 58.00 Euro Anki Overdrive Fast and Furious edition30.99 Euro Thermo, Game expansion machine22.96 Euro Expansion Track Collision16.28 Euro Elevation Kit19.45 Euro Corner Kit49.99 Euro Trip to Anki Overdrive

Readers can find Anki Overdrive and all accessories (not strictly necessary, a self-sufficient box) directly from the pages