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AirPower, Apple returns to work on the canceled charging pad | Rumor

marzo 23, 2020

Apparently Apple did not abandon the idea, but there is a discrepancy between Kuo's reconstruction and Prosser's most recent one. Kuo he spoke of a product (which should be smaller than the original, moreover) capable of being marketed later this year, while second Prosser we are still in one study phase, in an attempt to redesign the device in order to solve problems related to heat dissipation. You would be close to a first prototype: if this were true it would testify to Cupertino's will to try to complete the project, but at the same time it would not authorize to think of an imminent launch.

Also because, again according to Prosser, there are not at the moment sufficient guarantees to state that AirPower will be finalized and then released. Only time will tell.