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AirPods available on order from Esselunga and discounted at 10 euros

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Apple AirPods are available from Esselunga upon reservation. And what some of our readers tell us, which we thank, who have spotted them among the novelties of the Special Multimedia section in the leaflet of the Italian distributor.

At the bottom of the article we attach the promotion page, active from November 14 to December 31, where the insertion of the new Apple earphones stands out, among other things at a price of ten euros lower than the list price.

Apple has not yet announced an official date and, as we mentioned yesterday, conflicting rumors alternate about each other's own lipotetic launch period, with those convinced of seeing them on store shelves in time for Christmas and those instead, for alleged insufficient stocks , more inclined to believe that the launch will not happen before the new year.

Considering that it is not yet possible to reserve them on the Apple Store, it will be interesting to find out when distributors will finally be able to sell the stocks booked in these days.

Thanks to Massimiliano and Samuel for the report

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