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Airbeam duplicates the Mac screen in WiFI on Philips Smart TVs

After the application for the TVs of Samsung, LG and Panasonic, the developer of AirBeamTV has made its software available also in the variant for smart TVs by Philips. Mirror for Philips TV allows you to view the Mac screen on some Philips TVs (those produced from 2012 onwards) without the need for cables or additional hardware. Wireless mirroring, typically available only for Mac users with Apple TV, allows you to duplicate your Mac screen without the need for cables or ad hoc devices.

Both the Mac and the Smart TV must obviously be connected to the same network. When starting, a new icon appears in the menu bar; by clicking on this icon, the application scans the network devices and finds the TV (the first time it may take a few minutes). When the TV is found, simply select the Start Mirroring at .. item and choose (with the remote control) Allow on the TV.

By clicking on the icon in the menu bar, you can specify whether to load the app at startup or not, whether or not to enable audio transmission, change the settings relating to quality. The application works well (a lot depends on the router and the type of network used); with not too fast WiFi connections, non-instantaneous playback but for slide presentations, viewing documents, PDFs and things of this perfect type.

Mirror for LG TV 1.0 requires OS X 10.10 or later, weighs 2.7MB and sold for 9.99 euros on the Mac App Store. From this address you can download a demo version of the software (it only works for two minutes but allows you to check if the Smart TV is compatible).

The developer, as mentioned, makes the app available in the variants for Smart TV Samsung, for Smart TV LG for those of Panasonic. To enable audio, download and install it from this AirBeamTV Audio Driver link.