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Adobe Collection, discounts for everyone except for Italians

Adobe Collection, discounts for everyone except for Italians – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Last week we were saying about the discounts and promotions going on in some countries. In particular, we had reported the $ 100 discount for the purchase of a Nikon camera and the promotion on the Adobe Design Collection. This week, as some readers report, including Emanuele Cenghiaro, the "landing" in Europe of discounts for those who buys Apple's β€œPro” hardware (PowerMac and Titanium) and the Adobe package. The price cut varies according to the country and ranges from an attractive 266 euro for Ireland to the more modest, but still interesting, 162 euro of Germany and which affect the final cost of the product, which is 1,226 euro. Note that the purchase of Adobe Design Collection, which includes Photoshop 6, Illustrator 10, InDesign 2, Acrobat 5, is worth the purchase completely free of charge, thanks to the update policy, of Photoshop 7 for Mac OS X. , we said, and valid throughout Europe, unfortunately, Italy. Our country is the only one not to be included among those that can benefit from any discount as can be seen from the list that we find in any of the reserved pages. to the description of the initiative. The reasons for the decision are unknown. What is certain that this is an unusual fact compared to the past when Apple, in collaboration with many other partners, had always extended its offers to practically all countries in the world. This is all the more unusual because it excludes a single country in the Euro area which instead benefits fully from the initiative.

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