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A case for the iMac G4

Perhaps not everyone has noticed or regret it in a particular way but from the new iMac a non-secondary detail has disappeared: the handle.The weight of the colored compact from Apple was certainly not at the level of a laptop but certainly the handle on the back it allowed to hold the computer in a fairly "balanced" way to transport it from one part of the house to the other, in the car, around a demonstration.

The new iMac, on the other hand, has a solid appearance and a base that, unlike the extremely mobile and comfortable monitor arm, makes little use of moving the complex.Apple suggests holding the arm to move the iMac to the various positions but it seems a sacrilege to try to the immaculate aspect of the finishes, transporting it sic et simpliciter on the seat of a car and in the midst of the many electronic paraphernalia necessary to carry out demonstrations and presentations.

Willow Design designers have certainly thought about this, and in these hours they present another product suitable for the transport and storage of a Mac: it is a "Willow Wedge" with a wedge shape, able to comfortably and surely accommodate the iMac G4 and many accessories.

The cost is not very low, over 200 Dollars, but it is a precious accessory to keep the jewel of the Apple house intact, protected from bumps, scratches and dirt in case this has to make frequent trips. The case is available in 3 different colors and obviously it has a handle!

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