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YouTube reduces video quality in Europe for coronaviruses

In recent hours, the European Union has asked streaming giants to reduce video quality to avoid congesting data networks: after Netflix, YouTube also responds to the appeal by reducing video quality for the coronavirus emergency.

We recall that Europe's request was made by Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for the internal market for services. With the coronavirus emergency, a growing number of EU citizens forced to stay at home, thus causing a strong increase in data transmissions for smart working and video conferences, simultaneously with school lessons via the web and online video games by the youngest.

TV and video streaming services are among those that require more data traffic, for these reasons Breton in the past few hours has invited the main players in the sector to reduce the quality of their transmissions to avoid congesting data networks in the Old Continent, ensuring thus the proper functioning of the other communication services.

youtube coronavirus

Netflix was the first to respond to the appeal by reducing the quality of its network transmissions: for 30 days the streaming of Netflix will be available in Europe only in standard quality and not in high resolution. The company precedes that in this way the data traffic of its platform should be reduced by 25%.

An identical move now also for YouTube which temporarily for coronavirus emergency will broadcast its online videos in Europe as standard by default, as reported by Reuters. We are committed to temporarily transferring all traffic in the EU to the standard definition by default declares Google's video division in a note published in the past few hours.

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