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XPress 5 in Italy in late March

XPress 5 in Italy in late March – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Passport version Quark XPress 5.0 will be released in late March. The official date, which follows some unofficial information circulated in recent days, was known during the night, when Quark announced the availability of the International English version of the package. XPress 5, in development for some time, had been released on the American market at the end of January, the moment in which the Denver company had stressed that the versions for the European markets would be presented later in the year. Yesterday, as mentioned, the appearance on the official Quark website of the international version reserved for British and Irish customers and the clarification that the Passport version, which allows use in 11 different languages, including Italian, will arrive at the end of March. The availability of the international English version for the Irish market also allows learning the prices in euros of some upgrades. Upgrading from version 4.x costs 529 euros in Ireland; the upgrade from version 3.x 919 euros. The full package in the US is around $ 1,500. Note that XPress 5 is not native to Mac OS X. Quark has promised an update, probably to version 5.5 or 5.1, shortly after the release of the Passport version which will avoid the use of the classic environment.

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