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Wireless: IEEE 802.11's "a" and "g" are growing.

Wireless: "a" and "g" of IEEE 802.11 are growing. – logomacitynet1200wide 1

WiFi, the Airport standard, is moving on to the next generation. Intel has announced the release of wireless systems in IEEE 802.11a standard for April; later, it seems within the year, products will also arrive in the IEEE 802.11g version. The "a" version that offers greater guarantees in terms of speed, but forces a change in the devices that are not compatible with those currently in use; moreover it works on a different frequency, the 5 GHz, today particularly crowded, so crowded as to make it doubtful that devices of this type can be approved in Europe The 2.4 GHz frequency range of the IEEE 802.11g appears less problematic and the speed of 54 Mbps, however, marks progress compared to the current "b" implementation. Meanwhile, Intel, which also appears to have reception "stations" compatible with both the "b" standard and the "a" standard, will offer attractive discounts to those The news that Cisco and Intersil will collaborate for a fast implementation of the IEEE 802.11g system (is expected in mid 2002) is very interesting for those who are already users of Airport. future. With this in mind, it may be thought that by the end of the year new devices compatible with current Airport stations may already be available and in a time capable of supporting new versions of the higher speed boards. Intersil, already today, one of the leaders of the wireless IEEE 802.11b with its Prism3 chips for $ 35 each.

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