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Where to buy a Lightning cable for iPhone and iPad at a discounted price? On Amazon!


Apple-certified Lightning cable arrives at SuAmazon, for only 11.99!

There is no doubt: the original accessories for iPhone, iPod and iPad they are very expensive, especially theLightning cable: a simple cable to connect our devices to PC, Mac and charger can even cost 30.

If for you need aLightning cable for iPhone and iPad and you don't want to buy the original one, which is too expensive, don't rely on those found on eBay or in Chinese stores, because you could throw your money away. Many of the cables that are found around are not certified by Apple and that means they won't work with yours iPhone and iPad. To save a few euros, therefore, you risk throwing others into the wind.

If you want to buy oneLightning cable that works perfectly with iPhone and iPad, you can instead rely on that of Amazon, which contrary to that of Apple costs only 12 including shipping and works perfectly with your Apple devices.

In fact, he enters the family AmazonBasics also cavo Lightning for iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s, Apple certified and available for only 11.99.

The price of the original cable of 19, so with this certified and fully functional alternative you save almost 50%, which is not a little!

The white cable, 1 meter long and works with all Apple devices equipped with a connectorLightning.

The price of only11.99.

If you need aLightning cable for iPhone and iPad, give us a little thought. Better to spend 12 on Amazon than 6-7 euros from the Chinese and then find out, once you get home, that the cable does not work. You won't save a lot, but always better than nothing, won't you?

On Amazon then you will also have the possibility to customize the color and length of the cable according to your needs. Take a ride.

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