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Waiting for XPress

The release of the Mac OS X version of Photoshop is greeted with great interest by the Mac world, which awaited its presentation as one of the essential factors for the full-time adoption of the new operating system. Many apple machines, analysts say and the observers are essentially sold precisely to be used to run the Adobe product and the lack of an OS X version has not only prevented the success in all segments of the new operating system but also limited the sale of professional machines.

The theses, although not so explicitly, had also been supported by the head of financial operations Fred Anderson who in a recent press meeting had said that many customers had decided to postpone hardware updates in the Pro sector in order to wait for the release for OS X some crucial applications, among these, in fact, in the first place was Photoshop for OS X. 'The arrival of Photoshop for Mac OS X' confirms Tim Deal of Technology Business Research 'will surely produce a large number of updates of system to Mac OS X. This upgrade is very important. In fact, many users will feel safer even against Mac OS X now that such an important product is available. In short, the new OS will appear to be a serious, professional, useful and solid product. Now to complete the series of applications that 'alone make reason for the purchase of a system' only XPress is missing.

Quark, which produces the most popular electronic pagination program in the world, announced that later in the year it will release an upgrade (most likely for a fee) to update the version 5.0 recently released in the USA. The new XPress will be compatible natively with Mac OS X and will add some new functionality. Quark has also specified that the update will arrive only after the release of the Passport version, expected for spring. It is therefore probable that for the autumn the ideal suite of professional applications that in the past have made the fortune of the platform, and which includes Photoshop and XPress in the front row, it can be complete.In the meantime there will be room for Adobe to capture new users and convert the old ones for its InDesign 2.0 remained one of the few real antagonists: in this regard we point out the availability of the TryOut 30 Days version downloadable directly from the Adobe website (it is a 115 MB file).