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Vodafone Italia: a form to be informed about the new iPhone 3G S

Vodafone Italia: a form to be informed about the new iPhone 3G S – logomacitynet1200wide 1

From this evening it is possible to request to be informed by Vodafone on the iPhone 3G S offer. The Italian operator has prepared the traditional form which can be reached from a link from the first page on which a "Post-It" with the writing "Coming" stands out soon ".

By clicking on it you can access the brief press release already published yesterday afternoon by Macity which shows nothing of Vodafone's commercial proposal: neither the cost of the telephones nor that of the two-year plans. It is not known whether the 8 GB model will also be on sale in Italy and at what price. The only thing certain that the formula will continue to be that adopted for the 3G model: full-price sale with prepaid and subsidized sale with contract. The press release in turn provides access to the information request form

Recall that even Tim a few hours after Vodafone issued a press release practically identical to that of the competitor. Telecom Italia's mobile arm has not yet set up the page for requesting information on its commercial offer, but there are few doubts as to whether it will follow shortly.

Thanks for the report to Stefano Cavaliere

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