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Viomi L1, here is the hi-tech filtering carafe funded by Xiaomi

Viomi L1, here is the hi-tech filtering carafe funded by Xiaomi –

After the rice cooker, here is another product for the home financed by Xiaomi: it is the Viomi L1 (UV germicidal Edition), a smart filter jug ​​that promises high-level filtering and purification qualities.

The strong point is the ultraviolet (UV) disinfection capacity and the filters used for water purification. The carafe includes seven smart filters made from different materials imported from Germany and Korea, which meet the food hygiene standards used to purify water. Ultraviolet light lapurifies. The technology reduces chlorine impurities, removes odors and kills bacteria, making water perfectly drinkable.

The Viomi L1 carafe uses a low-power UV lamp, powered by a high-capacity lithium battery (similar to that of a smartphone) that can be recharged via the filter's microUSB port. A full charge can be used for sterilization up to 40 times.

The filters can last six weeks and the Purolite internal resins – sodium ion exchange – inhibit the growth of bacteria inside the same. In addition, the Viomi L1 carafe has been designed with 360-degree liquid inlet, which ensures that all water passes through the filter and is purified completely in just three minutes. The price will be around 38 dollars but it is not known at the moment if it will be sold outside China.

Viomi L1 1

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