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Use YouTube in the background to listen to streaming music for free on iPhone with Tuner …


Here's how to play endless music tracks in the background on iPhone using handy Playlists directly from YouTube

I point out a really interesting and useful program for all iPhone users:Tuner for YouTube Music. This interesting software allows you to listen to streaming music for free using the YouTube application, just as if it were a Premium version of Spotify.

Tuner for YouTube Music allows you to listen to free music streaming on iPhone completely free of charge, using the YouTube application in the background, which would otherwise not be possible with the classic YouTube application.

Spotify to date the best program to listen to streaming music when we are on the move, pity only that the Premium version is paid and costs about 10 euros per month. If you want to have all the main Spotify premium features, but completely free of charge, then you can try using the Tuner for YouTube Music program, which allows you to use the YouTube application for iPhone in the background and then use YouTube for iPhone as if were a radio to listen to streaming music for free.

Listening to music through YouTube perhaps the simplest and most immediate free method that exists. So here it was bornTuner for YouTube Music, an application that, through an excellent graphic interface, will allow you to appreciate even more listening to your favorite songs.

Anyone who loves to listen to streaming music on YouTube, thanks to the Tuner for YouTube Music program, will be able to do it completely free of charge, directly from their iPhone, even putting the application in the background. As you know, it is not possible to make a content playback work YouTube in the background, n from the official application, n from Safari. This problem is solved perfectly by the Tuner for YouTube Music for iphone program.

WithTuner for YouTube Music,in fact, you can leave the YouTube application in the background on the iPhone, to listen to all the music you want in an easy, fast and above all free way. Interesting to note that thanks to the Tuner for YouTube Music program you can listen to any song streamed from YouTube even by creating the your personalized playlists. Fantastic!

Clearly, just like Spotify does,the application cannot download the tracks to the device and so request an internet connection every time you want to listen to a song.

These are the main characteristics ofTuner for YouTube Music:

  • Stream music directly from YouTube
  • Background mode support
  • AirPlay support
  • YouTube account not required
  • Ability to create custom playlists
  • Editing local playlists
  • Share your favorite songs on Facebook and Twitter

Tuner for YouTube Music available in the App Store, localized in English and compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This iPhone 5 optimized app requires liOS 7.0 or later.

A program to try absolutely: simple to use, well done, powerful, with many useful features and above all one of the best programs available today to listen to music streaming and in the background from YouTube for iPhone. To try!

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