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Use two WhatsApp accounts on the same iPhone: complete guide


Here is the complete and detailed guide to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same iPhone

Today I offer you a really very useful and interesting guide, which explains you cHow to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same iPhone thanks to the tweakwhatsTandem. Yes, you got it right: with this guide, if you have an iPhone with Jailbreak, you can use two WhatsApp accounts on the same iPhone with a single SIM. Awesome, isn't it?

Let's not get lost in chatter and let's see now how to use two WhatsApp accounts with the same SIM on the same iPhone. As we said, the only requirement that your iPhone is jailbroken, otherwise you cannot install the tweakwhatsTandem from Cydia.

Said this, let's start with the guide, which actually consists of installing a couple of packages from Cydia, nothing too complicated.

tintrook "src =" "width =" 600 "height =" 300 "/></p><p style=Before starting a thanks to BiteYourApple dutiful. The guide and the tweak, in fact, are thanks to them and only thanks to them if every day many new tweaks arrive for our Apple devices. Congratulations to the whole team, which has been working for some time to churn out exceptional tweaks that envy us all over the world.

Having said that, we can start with the complete guide.

As we said,whatsTandem the only way tohave two WhatsApp accounts on the same iPhone.WithwhatsTandemin fact you will have onededicated version of WhatsApp, with a'icondifferent in stylepure white,by whichlog intoto WhatsApp services with theyour secondary numberwithout having to give up the number normally used with WhatsApp. You can have two WhatsApp numbers on the same iphone with the same sim in practice. Not bad, right?

whatsTandemsupports all the features of WhatsApp 2.11.8and perfectly compatible withCouriaand with hisQuick Reply: it is important to note that the close collaboration with Couria is not just for QuickReply purposes! whatsTandemexploitslimportantefunctionKeep Running in the Background of Couriaforto put at your disposalPush Notifications: without this function, in fact, you could not receive them unless you open the application manually and leave it running in multitasking.

tkeeprunning "src =" "width =" 334 "height =" 689 "/></p><p style=Precisely for this reason, to make everything work you need to download three files. I recommend adding the BiteYourApple repo ( to find the files more easily. Here are the 3 files to download to make everything work:

whatsTandem available only in the BiteYourApple Repositoryand compatiblewith eitheriPhone/iPodthat withiPad, including the latest models ofiPhone 5SandiPad Air.

Once the 3 packages are installed, you can enjoy two accounts or WhatsApp numbers on the same iPhone and on the same SIM.

As mentioned above,whatsTandem based on the latest version of WhatsApp: therefore you will have the same identical functions available in the latter. It `s important to note that nno server has been replaced or replaced: your data is and will always be safe from prying eyes as it is processed only by the Official WhatsApp Server.

WithwhatsTandemyouusefrom the same timetwo different numbers on the same device(but not the other way around: it is not possible to use the same number simultaneously on two different devices).

Before closing the article,I would like toOnce againthank the Staff of BiteYourApple.

Try everything and let me know if you have problems.


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