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Use the iPhone as a remote control and controller for the Mac


MagicRemote, an app to turn iPhone into remote control for Mac

Magic Remote

I point out an interesting and useful program for your Mac and iPhone: it's calledMagic Remote and allows to control the Mac remotely, basically using the iPhone as a remote control.

If you've ever tried to use your Mac with the Apple Remote, you definitely know the possibility of also control the computer from a distance really useful and comfortable. For example you can use the remote control to manage presentations, to start and stop videos, to block the playback of music and songs and much more. As we said, a truly incredible comfort.

The Apple Remote, however, you have to buy it and it doesn't even cost much. If you are looking for a cheap and alternative solution to remotely manage your Mac and control Mac programs from a distance, I recommend you try the Magic Remote program.

Magic Remote a program that turns your iPhone into a remote controller or remote control for your Mac: once installed on the iPhone and the client for Mac, the program allows you to remotely manage and control your Mac in a really easy and immediate way. You will not be able to manage and control all the programs installed on your Mac, but you will be perfectly capable of remote control programs like Spotify, VLC and others.

Imagine the convenience of managing the playback of movies and music from your Mac directly from the iPhone, while remaining comfortably seated or lying on the bed. Not bad, right?

Magic Remote software easy to use, install and configure and to operate uses the home WiFi network. A really comfortable and very useful program that, at the moment, manages to remotely control programs such as Spotify, iTunes, VLC and the keyboard. The positive thing that, with the authorization and collaboration of the developers, Magic Remote can become compatible with many other applications. A truly phenomenal program to control the Mac remotely with the iPhone.

Magic Remotepesa 3.1 MB and can be downloaded for free in the App Store. To use it you need to install unclientnel Mac, which is available for free on the official website. The client shows the IP address to be added in the app to start the communication between the two and therefore the configuration is really simple and fast.

Try it if you want a cheap and extremely powerful remote control for your Mac.

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