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USB Overdrive for Mac OS X, fourth beta version

USB Overdrive for Mac OS X, fourth beta version – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Alessandro Levi Montalcini released yesterday the fourth beta of his USB Overdrive. The package is the new version of an add-on very popular for the Classic environment and which allows you to manage most USB devices, joysticks, gamepads , mouse, trackball, etc., for the PC world also on the Mac. USB Overdrive able to make these devices perform complex operations, programming the buttons, and to support even more than one at the same time. The availability of a version for Mac OS X, also not a novelty (other beta had already been released), however very interesting given the shortage of drivers for the new operating system. The latest build, in addition to repairing some bugs, also adds new features and performance increases, we report among others: – Added AutoScroll support. – Added accelerated scrolling support. – Added Global Settings support. – Now USB Overdrive is called by a system preferences icon.

The cost of the $ 20 license; who had registered the version for Classic at the moment in which the version for X had already been released can use the same serial number to register also the one for the new OS.

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