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USB 2 protagonist of the Intel conference

USB 2 protagonist of the Intel – conference logomacitynet1200wide 1

The new implementation of the Universal Standard Bus standard, a system invented by Intel, according to the promoters is approaching the point where it will begin to appear in the vast majority of computers.Intel in a press release mentions the launch of the latest weekly events of PCs and laptops that have USB 2 as standard, the debut of two chipsets (obviously Intel) integrated with USB 2 and the drivers for Windows XP.According to Intel, there are already 100 products for USB 2, also called Hi Speed ​​USB 2.0 but ready to be released there are all sorts of devices: Hard Disk, CD and DVD burner, PC card, scanner.A Gateway 700XL with Pentium 4 and Intel motherboard with Intel were also shown at the Intel developer world conference in San Francisco a flash card reader, external disk and CD-RW burner, all USB 2.0; there is also a NEC laptop with Crescentec USB 2 camera and a DVD player always USB 2. We remember that USB 2, with speeds up to 480 Mbps, is considered by Intel and by some sectors of the market as the most formidable opponent of FireWire and in able to counter it if nothing else in the area of ​​peripheral connectivity.

On the contrary, Apple and many experts believe that FireWire and USB will continue to coexist even after the affirmation of USB 2. FireWire, in fact, in addition to awaiting shortly the certification of version 2.0 which will bring connectivity up to 800 Mbps, almost double the USB 2, able to offer features such as the connection in cascade (and not through a hub) of devices. In addition, at the moment FireWire has conquered a large portion of the market of video cameras and digital cameras; it therefore seems difficult to undermine it from its position. In a probable perspective, the future will therefore still present FireWire and USB on PCs, one next to the other, with different tasks and destinations, as it happens now.

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