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Update cards, what difficulties?

Update cards, what difficulties? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

There would be problems of a technical nature but also of economic convenience behind the choice by the manufacturers of update cards to no longer release hardware upgrades with high-speed processors for Macs. According to Sonnet, one of the major players on the market, once very florid. According to company spokeswoman Joy Hsu, the first reason would be in the design of the processors. The new G3 and G4 have a different voltage than the previous chips and this makes them incompatible with the old cards. Therefore, the realization of an update card should first overcome this not insignificant obstacle and with rather high costs. According to Sonnet, who in the past has circumvented with difficulties of this type, a second problem arises in front of those who want and that is oriented on the economic side. In fact at the moment the most recent G3 and G4 processors have very high costs which, added to the engineering difficulties, would make the new cards economically not convenient. Just think that the 800 MHz MPC 7445 costs $ 125 if purchased in quantities of 10,000 copies. ; the 1 GHz 7455 costs $ 295 in the same amount. Update cards on the market today, like the 500 MHz G4, cost between $ 700 and $ 800; a new 800 MHz Mac, which in addition to a new processor also has a new graphics card, larger disks and new technologies as well as new software, costs $ 1,600 on the American market. "For this reason, upgrading cards can be released at a acceptable price – said Joy Hsu – prices must drop and the economy improve "

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