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Update 3.0.1 for Final Cut Pro X

Update 3.0.1 for Final Cut Pro X – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The update 3.0.1, for Final Cut Pro, is aimed only at Mac OS X users. Users who have installed the software under OS 9 do not need it. The few megabytes of the update (about 6.6 MB), they resolve the possibility of an unexpected closure of the program on biprocessor machines, a condition that occurred (regardless of the Macintosh used) even if the System Preferences "Internet" panel did not have all the complete information fields. Of course, it is specified, no information is added to this "Internet" panel.

Apple provides four different versions of the updater, depending on the type of license purchased: retail, academic, academic lab and "not for resale". We invite you to consult the technical document no. 120100 to select the appropriate one.

The same page also lists the steps to be performed to correctly apply the updater, whether in the case of Final Cut Pro is already present on the machine or not.

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