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Travel in iPhone 3.0: 3 – SMS and MMS, all the news

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SMS today represent a very popular form of communication among young people who use it excessively to contact friends and exchange love messages. Beyond the more or less frivolous uses, their usefulness is certainly undeniable and therefore a versatile and complete management becomes a fundamental requirement for any modern mobile phone, and the firmware 3.0 does not ignore our expectations. The first difference that catches the eye represented by the an icon in the springboard, which now loses the abbreviation "SMS" evidently indicating that now the access button is not only for simple text messages but also for multimedia messages: MMS.

As usual on the iPhone, text messages appear like chat conversations, a very comfortable view that allows you to have an overview of an exchange of messages that took place with the same contact. Finally we can delete individual messages and not just the entire conversation and forward them to another recipient: just touch Edit then tick the messages to be deleted or forwarded.

If previously thanks to the accelerometer it was possible to rotate the keyboard horizontally only within Safari, it is now possible to do so even when typing SMS: the horizontal keyboard, larger and with more spaced keys, allows a much faster and more precise typing .

One of the most awaited news of iPhone OS 3.0 is the powerful copy / paste function. It is therefore possible within an application to select a text, copy it and paste it into the body of an SMS. In the following example, we copy a portion of text from a web page.

A camera icon for sending MMS messages now appears next to the message field. With an unlocked iPhone (the full price one) with TIM and Vodafone the automatic configuration, with Tre and Wind instead it is necessary to proceed with the setting of the MMS parameters available on the respective sites. By touching the button on the camera, we can send an image by choosing from the existing ones or by clicking on the moment.

By repeating the same steps we can attach up to 5 photos. If we need to send more than one image we can also make a multiple selection a priori then forward the selected images as MMS. We open our photo gallery and touch the envelope icon. At this point we touch the images we intend to send and then touch Share: a menu will allow us to send them by email or MMS.

If the SMS preview enabled, received an MMS we will see the preview of the image. Open the MMS, simply touch the image for iPhone to show it full screen. If we were to receive multiple images, the preview will show only one with the numerical indication of the others attached to the same MMS.

iPhone OS 3.0 also integrates a new application for recording voice memos that we can share via email and MMS. From Voice memos we select the recording to be sent, we touch Share and we choose MMS.

At this point we can say without fear of denial that the SMS / MMS system offered by the new iPhone OS 3.0 is truly versatile and finally mature, ready to satisfy even the most demanding palates. See you next time!