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Transfer contacts and address book from iPhone to Android and from Android to iPhone


Here is the complete and detailed guide to transfer contacts and address book from iPhone to Android and from Android to iPhone

Our detailed guides that explain to you continue how to transfer information and data from Android to iPhone and viceversa.

After the first two articles:

today we explain how to transfer contacts and contacts from iPhone to Android or from Android to iPhone in the simplest way possible. In this way, by going from one ecosystem to another, you can have your address book and your phone numbers always safe, protected and accessible in case of any problem. Thanks to this guide you will always be safe and secure because your address book can never be lost: it will always be saved on the cloud and, in case of any problem, you can always recover all the most important phone numbers.

Switch from Android to iPhone or from iPhone to Android never been easier thanks to our detailed guides.

After this introduction, let's see now how to go about it transfer contacts and address book from iPhone to Android and from Android to iPhone.

Transfer contacts from iOS to Android

The fastest way to transfer contacts from an iPhone to an Android device to take advantage of i Cloud services. First of all you have to activate the voiceContactsinsideSettings>iCloudon yours iPhone. In this way, the iPhone contacts and address book will be saved on Apple's cloud service and will be safe.

IMG_5388 "src =" "/></p><p style=Once all your contacts are saved to iCloud, you have to go to the and log in to your account using the same credentials that you use from iPhone or iPad.

Then enter the "Contacts" section and:

1.Select all the contacts you want to save, click on the gear icon located at the bottom left and then on the item VCard export.

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2.Enter the site ofGoogle Contacts(all you have to do is go up GMail and click on the top left where there is the writing Gmail: click on it and select the "Contacts" item from the drop-down menu that will open). Then click on the signOtherand thenIt matters.

2014-03-23_113158 "src =" "width =" 175 "height =" 145 "/></p><p style=3.Select the file that was previously downloaded from iCloud and wait for the operation to complete. Now, opening yours address book on Android, you should be able to see all the contacts synced and imported from iPhone.

Transfer contacts from Android to iOS

In this case let's see how to transfer our contacts from Android to iOSby doing a procedure that in practice is the opposite of the one just seen.

2014-03-23_113158 "src =" "width =" 175 "height =" 145 "/></p><p style=Go to GMail, select the item "Contacts" and then press on the itemOther >Export.So go to the website and go to the entry Contacts. Here select the itemVCard import. Finally, simply add the Google mail account to your iPhone, enabling the voice Contacts inSettings>General>Mail, contacts, calendars>Add account>Google.

IMG_3923 "src =" "/></p><p style=Nothing could be simpler, right?

At this point you can move smoothly and worry from iPhone to Android and vice versa: you will always be calm because yours ruburica will be safe and yours contacts more precious they will always remain in their place.

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