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Tom Tom for iPhone, here's how it will work and what it will offer

Among the many demos (some of which are even a bit boring) presented last night at WWDC in San Francisco, the most interesting was certainly that of Peter-Frans Pauwels, co-founder of Tom Tom. He was given the task of introducing one of the most anticipated applications ever, at least for those looking for a product for car navigation: Tom Tom for iPhone.

The illustrated details are few but interesting.

The main one, apart from the application, is a particular support designed specifically for iPhone capable of holding the phone both horizontally and vertically and placing it on the glass with the traditional suction cup. Unlike the Tom Tom mounts, the iPhone mounts also have an integrated GPS antenna. This is because the iPhone mounts would be covered by the same mounts and probably not very ready inside a vehicle. The system with which the signal is transmitted from the antenna of the support to that of the iPhone (which as known in the metal circle around the camera lens) is unclear even if it can be suspected that it occurs by contact.

With the iPhone in place, it will be possible, says Tom Tom, to hear music and answer phone calls. A connector also allows charging of iPhone while traveling.

A second element presented by Peter-Frans Pauwels concerns the software itself. The application will be sold on the App Store and so will the maps. possible if not almost certain, that Tom Tom will exploit the purchase system from within the application that will be available with version 3.0 of the iPhone operating system.

The software made available by Tom Tom will be the latest generation with the IQ Routes, or the tracking of different routes according to the times, so as to avoid the busiest roads during peak hours or particular days of the week.

Several details still to be clarified. For example, if you are sure that Tom Tom for iPhone will only work with iPhone 3.0, it remains to be seen how it will behave with the second generation iPhones which unlike the third generation ones do not have an integrated digital compass, undoubtedly very useful for Tom Tom software. The impression that, in any case, it will not be essential to have the iPhone 3G S to also have the Tom Tom application. Used on a vehicle, the software should be able to perceive the direction in which the device is pointing quite easily, unlike what happens when you use the phone on foot or to locate the location of a building.

The launch date of Tom Tom for iPhone is not known; the Dutch house speaks generically of this summer when the costs of the application and maps should also be specified.

Below a Youtube video showing the functioning of the Tom Tom for iPhone